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Wind Tunnel Instructor Mix up Drill

This is how the abilities of the newbies are tested. We throw 5min full on spotting mixup. It is crucial for the student to perform all the spots and bring the flyer safely home.

In the course we teach how to protect people and prevent any injuries that could occur when one's flying goes wrong. Some scenarios are worse than others, also some scenarios are more common than others, but as a spotter you need to be ready for anything.

It is important as an instructor to stay far enough from the flyer so you don't affect him with the burble* you are creating, give the flyer clean air to fly on but also close enough that you can spot the flyer if necessary. All the spots has been practiced various times with high frequency of repetition, so the muscle memory knows exactly what to do. That's the way how we can create the effect of intuitively reacting with your reflexes, make the spots correctly and use the wind in your advantage.

*turbulence in the airflow around a body

Chief Examiner

Jonas Krasa


Federico Fabbrizzi

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