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Spot from the Tunnel Instructor book performed by John at Windobona Madrid.

Breaking the scene

In this video, John as an instructor, tries to teach his student ascend on the wind. John is flying in the air while giving the instructions to the student. Suddenly the student's legs get caught at the glass wall and starts sliding vertically down towards the net. John's quick reaction saved the situation by performing one of the spots he learned at our courses.

Tunnel School's Thought

Of course this spot is avoidable. In fact for the first time flyers (Class A Course) you are learned to never take your both legs off of the net. So you can prevent this situation by controlling the flyer from the net.

Although with some experience, if you are skilled and confident enough, you can let your student fly more freely and save any scenario by using more advanced spotting techniques.

We should mention that John is able to read the body position of the student or any flyer to predict their movement, which is one of the key to his quick reaction.

We wonder what do you think about this scene? Your comments are welcomed.

Let's fly and learn together.

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